Our Work

Third Lens Films doesn’t just make traditional films (although we can do that). We’re a flexible, agile operation who work with professional standard equipment to create really beautiful, affordable, tactile videos, whether you want to burn to Blu-Ray/DVD, share on Facebook, host on YouTube or use as a business resource. We charge according to the complexity of the project and the urgency of delivery, and are happy to work with you to cost the project you want to invest in, and get you the media in the format you want to use it.

We fully recognise the importance of the Web and Social Media in sharing your video and specialise in catering for multiple platforms and multiple uses – from Blu-Ray to Instagram Video. We have a flexible and expandable kit which produces great results with the minimum of fuss, meaning we’re not only easy to hire, we’re easy to work around and we won’t get in the way. If you’re doing something cool with your time, your business, your family or your finances, and want to record it, share it and shout about it, give us a call. Prices available on request.